MTG - Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Play Boosters Display - EN

MTG - Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Play Boosters Display - EN

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The phyrexian invasions have opened many portals between the planes of the multiverse. Traveling to another plane is no longer a privilege reserved for planeswalkers.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is set on a previously unknown world and entirely inspired by westerns. Many outlaws and some famous villains from Magic have gathered to battle it out, but also to seize new opportunities and make a fortune doing so.

Play Boosters combine the playability of draft boosters and the fun opening experience of set boosters. It replaces these two types of boosters.

Each Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Booster in English contains:

  • 14 Magic cards
  • 1-5 Rare or Mythic Rare cards
  • 3-6 Uncommon cards
  • 5-8 Common cards
  • 1 Land card
  • 1 foil card of any rarity (Mythic Rare, Rare, Unco or Common)
  • 1 Token card or Ad card or Art card

A Collector card (borderless or showcase) can sometimes replace a card of the same rarity!

RELEASE : 12-04-2024