MTG - Universes Beyond : Fallout - Collector Booster Box

MTG - Universes Beyond : Fallout - Collector Booster Box

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Fallout is a Magic Set dedicated to the Commander format, in the universe of the famous series of video games. It is a set from the Universes Beyond, a series of crossover sets between Magic and other famous licenses.

Venture outside the vaults and explore the wastelands of Fallout's post-apocalyptic universe! Face a hostile world ravaged by the great nuclear war and inhabited by mutant creatures while you struggle to survive and rebuild a civilization on the ruins of the previous one.

This crossover consists of 4 Commander decks containing cards depicting the characters, places and events from all the Fallout games from the beginnings of the series in 1997.

This Commander release also has Collector boosters. They contain incredible alternate versions of the cards from these 4 decks with amazing illustrations that you can't find anywhere else!

Each Universes Beyond: Fallout Collector Booster Pack in English contains:

  • 15 cards total
  • 7-14 rares or mythic rares
  • up to 7 uncommons
  • up to 5 commons
  • 12 foil cards in each booster pack, including 3 to 10 surge foil cards and 2 to 9 traditionnal foil cards

RELEASE DATE : 8-03-2024