Kaldheim Commander Decks Set of 2 EN
Kaldheim Commander Decks Set of 2 EN

Kaldheim Commander Decks Set of 2 EN

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The frozen wilderness of Kaldheim, inspired by nordic mythology and vikings, forge the best warriors and the most legendary heroes. You will have to face the cold and the snow but also monsters and gods to rewrite your prophecy. Prove yourself and enter the legend!

Both preconstructed decks of 100 unique cards are the best entry point to start playing Commander, a fun and epic multiplayer format! This deck is ready-to-play and will help you get familiar with the mechanics of Commander before you try customizing it !

Both Kaldheim Commander Decks are Empire in English and each contain:
• 100 cards with 1 foil legendary Commander card
• 10 double-sided token cards
• 1 life counter wheel

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