Cash'n Guns Ext 3: More Guns EN
Cash'n Guns Ext 3: More Guns EN

Cash'n Guns Ext 3: More Guns EN

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Forget all you thought you knew about Ca$h’n Guns, grab your Big Gun, your Mini Gun, or your Twin Guns and lay siege to the safe which must contain the biggest loot you've ever seen!

After having shuffled the Loot cards from the base game and the expansion, the Godfather places the remaining cards in the safe. Unlike the base game which could be played without it, the games played with the expansion must be played with the Power cards. The players will even get a Surprise card which will give them, once per game, an advantage which no one was expecting.

The phases and pacing of the game don't change, but when the turn's loot is being split, the Godfather can take the first two cards hidden in the safe, to keep one for themselves and give one to the player to their right (their right-hand man, the name's clear, isn't it?).

Even during the last turn of the game, the New Godfather tile is worth getting as, with the introduction of fake bills in the game, it's the last Godfather who will choose whether or not the fakes will be included in the players' final score!

Safe, fake money, new weapons, new powers, and surprise cards. your games of More Ca$h’n More Guns will be filled with twists!